All content Copyright  © 2011 • PR Promotions LLC   except where specified otherwise Practical Video and Benjamin Minute are trademarks of PR Promotions LLC “The Talk Emerges” documentary released! If you have seen TED and TEDx talks online, and wondered how the speakers could appear so natural, talking about unique and impresive ideas - the answer is: “natural” is hard!  Our new documentary features two women, speakers at 2012 TEDxColumbus - who permitted us to follow their creative process as they shaped their ideas into a presentation, and then worked to hone that information into a “TED talk.” Here’s link to the video: The Talk Emerges: Two Speakers’ Journeys to the Stage And here’s the link to a press release with background. Many Video Options Not all “moving image content” – or video - looks like tv or a theatrical movie. Some options: - Complete story - Aspect of story told on the page - Personal statement - Demo – very short, or very extensive - Screencast – screen-based tutorials, demos, walk-thrus - Animated GIF … and many more varieties and variations. Which is the best solution for your needs?  We want to help you find the most effective solution for the most efficient price and effort.  We want you to get … well, Practical! Call 614-859-2012, or email to arrange a consultation. How can you use video to strengthen your message? Add a personal introduction to your company or product Show an overview of your product at work Provide a detailed demo Add brief video highlights to an important presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote) Create a public YouTube video to 1) increase  volume to your search results, 2) funnel more visitors to your web page Create a moving image to add interest to your web page Add a personal message about a cause or mission to your blog, Facebook, or other social networking  sites Plus a nearly unlimited number of emerging uses Practical Video is dedicated to the propositions that: Video can be a most effective means of communication – placing it where it will do the most good is key Video production does not have to be expensive or intrusive – sometimes it should be – but often the desired effect can be achieved for relatively small amounts of money and time “Practical” means the right level of production to deliver the strongest, most effective message Contact us today for a free consultation and ideas about meeting your messaging need with moving images, in a Practical way! Some examples of our work in action for our clients
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